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Singapore Tentage & Rental Services Pte. Ltd. 

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Events & Logistics Support - by Singapore Tentage & Rental Services Pte. Ltd. #singaporententage #tentagerental #rentaltentagesingapore #eventsrentalservices #eventplanning #weddings

We've got you covered for your indoor or outdoor events setup.  We provide the followings:

- A-Frame Tentage Rental & Purchase

- A-Shaped Tentage Rental & Purchase

- Air Cooler Rental & Purchase

- AV Sound System & Lights

- Baby Tiffany Chairs Rental

- Backdrop

- Backdrop Printing

- Banner Printing

- Bar Stool Rental 

- Bar Table Rental

- Bouncy Castles

- Carnival Games

- Carpeting Installations

- Catering Services

- Counter weights

- Cushion Chair Rental

- Cocktail Standing Table

- Dancing Tubes and Dancing Men

- D&D Event Planning

- Dome Tentage Rental & Purchase

- Electricity and Cabling

- Emcee Services

- Event Hair & Makeup Services

- Event Photography Services

- Exhibition Panels and Exhibition Panels

- Fairy Lights

- Flowers Arrangements

- Flower Centre Pieces

- Gazebo Tentage Rental & Purchase

- Generator Rental

- Hand & Face Painting Services

- Kids Tables & Chairs Rental

- Landscaping for decorations

- Live Station Booths Rental

- Linen Cloth

- Linen Rental 

- Linen Table

- LED Cocktail Tables 

- Neon Signages

- Makeup Services

- Metal Barricades

- Portable Toilet

- Portable Toilet Chemical

- Portable Toilet Handicap 

- PVC Plastic Chairs Rental

- Popcorn, Candy Floss Machine Rental

- Portable Tentage Rental

- Power Points

- Queue Poles Rental

- Rostrums Rental

- Stage & Platform

- Standing Signages

- Sticker Printing and more

- System Panels 

- Tables & Chairs Rental

- Tentage Rental or Purchase

- Tiffany Chair Rental (Budget Grade and High Grade)

- Weddings

- Wedding Arch Rental

- Wedding Photography Services

- UV Canvas


Event Setup & Tentage Rental Services

Singapore Tentage & Rental Services Pte. Ltd.

- Licences Applications

- Layout Drawings

- Application SCDF Submission

- Application Events Submission

- Layout drawings LEW Licences.

- Event Planning Services.

- Fire Extinguishers.

- PE Endorsement.


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Singapore Tentage & Rental Services Pte. Ltd.

11 Yishun Industrial Street 1 North Spring Bizhub #01-104 Singapore 768089

+65 8233 8342 | 9237 0327

Singapore tentage rental services pte. ltd.

Events Cocktail Tables Rental with or without Linens and Ribbon Ties


Standing Cocktail Tables Rental. 

LED Cocktail Rental available as well. 

Fairy Lights Installation & Setup with or without counter weight stands


We specialize in Fairy Lights Installation. 

Free site survey is available - no obligations.

Birthday Parties and Fully Decorated Tentage Rental


Fully Decorated Tentage with customized colored linens for parties and weddings.

Flower / Floral Arrangements & Party Decorations


We provide flowers and landscape services as well. Customized flowers arrangements are available.

Utensils, Dining Ware, Wine Glasses, Plates, Forks & Spoons Rental & more


We provide free delivery and collection services for rental of utensils, dining ware, wine glasses rental and etc.

Balloon Arch, Balloon Decor, Balloon Artists, Face & Hand Painting


We've got all sorts of fun kids activities and more.


Tiffany Chairs Rental


We've got two types, budget low grade tiffany chairs and high grade tiffany chairs rental.

Landscaping for Stage Decor


We have landscaping decor services for rental. 

Small, Medium & Large Plants and Flower Pots.

System Panels, Standing Panels


Ideal for indoor events and exhibitions.

Baby Tiffany Chairs & Tables Rental (For kids)


We're the FIRST in Singapore to provide baby tiffany chairs at affordable rates!

Cushion Chairs with or without chairs covers rental.


Cushion Chairs are ideal for corporate parties and even weddings too! Simple and comfortable.

Air Cooler Rental & Purchase (Additional Ice is available).


An alternate idea instead of standing commercial fans you can consider renting an air cooler. 

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Slope Tentage


One of the most basic and inexpensive commercial tentage.

#rentaltentage #tentagerental #singaporetentage

A-Frame Tentage with top canvas only


A Basic A-Frame Tentage with top canvas only. 

 #rentaltentage #tentagerental #singaporetentage 

A-Frame Tentage Fully Dressed


If you'd like to make it a little extravagant looking you can add in ceiling linen and  colored linen.

Transparent Tentage Rental


Ideal for a late noon to evening event party.

Dome Tentage Rental


For pillar free this is ideal for storage or if you require higher height coverage.

Gazebo Tentage


Gazebo Tentage comes in fixed sizing

10ft x 10ft or 20ft x 20ft

SINGAPore tentage & rental services pte. ltd.

Wooden Arch for Rental


Fresh or Fake Flowers available.

Flower Center Pieces


We're able to customize table flower center pieces.

Life size Animal Props Rental


Giraffe, Elephant, Zebra and more!

Fresh Flower Assortments and Arrangements


We're got a team to create fresh beautiful flower arrangements for all types of events.

Linens & Drapes Decoration Installation and Dismantling


We specialize in linen wraps and drapes decoration for parties and weddings.

Customized Goodie Bags for Kids and Corporate Parties


Share with us your budget and we will propose to you appropriate goodies for your guests.